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GrainBridge Develops Tool to Help Farmers More Effectively Market Grain

Update: As promised, GrainBridge's new website, along with a video about Stratum, are now live.

Now more than ever, farmers need analytic tools to make quick, effective, and fact-based grain-marketing decisions. While there are a number of technologies available to farmers today, no one tool improves grain marketing to the extent the founders of GrainBridge believe is possible.

A technology joint venture between ADM and Cargill, the company was formed in October 2018 to develop a grain-marketing digital platform and tools to improve decision making and online marketing for farmers.

One of the first tools created in GrainBridge gave farmers access to their combined ADM and Cargill transactions, including contracts, scale tickets, and payment information. This dashboard provides farmers with insights on their current grain position and real-time opportunities.

With the introduction of Stratum, farmers will now have the ability to execute grain transactions on their own schedule. This tool will give farmers access to automated intelligence, which illustrates changing breakeven levels (updated based on current crop conditions), margin price targets, total current grain and risk-management positions, revenue at risk, and access to benchmark and historical insights.

“We’ve developed a digital technology that will enable farmers across the U.S. and Canada to consolidate information about their farm operations and grain-marketing activities into one platform – at no cost to the farmer,” says Faith Larson, CSO, GrainBridge.

Because all of their information is located on one platform, farmers now have the ability to look at what their breakeven costs are as they consider selling their grain.

Protecting Your Data

Because strong protections have been built into the system, a farmer’s data will be safeguarded and privacy is a priority. In addition, data will not be on the platform unless it is approved by the farmer, and a farmer’s data will not be shared between participating companies.

Who Can Participate?

The grain-marketing platform is open to all grain companies and buyers. There are currently 400 grain buyers

“Our goal is to help farmers make better, smarter decisions using data that already exists in their operations to more effectively market their grain and improve their profitability,” Larson says.

Stratum will be available in the first quarter of 2020 for current ADM and Cargill customers. To learn more, visit

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