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Granular, Planet Expand Partnership

Granular, in conjunction with Planet, is introducing a significantly expanded global partnership to deliver digital agriculture software solutions for farmers.

The three-year agreement will integrate Planet’s daily, global satellite imagery data into Granular’s farm management software suite beginning with its Encirca services. The imagery from Planet provides farmers with timely visibility into problem spots, as well as patterns in weather-related impacts, on every field. Granular’s proprietary analytics advance the use of this daily imagery – equipping farmers with a complete view of what certain patterns and conditions indicate about crop health, along with proven methods for optimal response.

By combining the two solutions, farmers will be able to access valuable insights in order to respond in real time and maximize crop potential. 

“Planet operates the world’s largest fleet of satellites and is quickly advancing its image frequency and quality,” says Sid Gorham, Granular cofounder and CEO. “Our team of data scientists have built tools that translate Planet’s imagery into actionable insights on the health of crops throughout the growing season. Our farmer customers access these insights via Granular’s easy-to-use mobile applications – enabling farmers to tap into the power of a global satellite network right from their phone.”
“The team at Granular is doing groundbreaking work in agriculture, delivering software solutions to farmers that help them do their jobs. Planet’s daily imagery will now play an even more important role in that work,” says Will Marshall, CEO and cofounder of Planet. “With Planet’s stream of information, Granular customers will have the insights they need to ensure optimal field conditions and increase yields.”



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