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In-Cab Intelligence Added to Farmers Edge Platform

By digitally linking farmers with key stakeholders, the Farmers Edge In-Cab Tool provides complete visibility of every field activity while simplifying record keeping, improving workflow, and reducing the risk of critical data losses. It is designed to provide the highest level of compatibility and flexibility available that builds on the company’s recent strategic collaborations with CNHi, Global Ag Risk Solutions, PartnerRe, HBS, Raven, Lindsay Corporation, Richardson Pioneer, and NuFarm.

The tool features wireless, mixed-fleet connectivity with any modern machine and can be used to plan jobs, view live data streaming and mapping, adjust field operations, manage maintenance schedules, track supplies, and share information making it the most advanced mobile platform of its kind. Powered by the company’s newly enhanced, brand-agnostic telematics device – Gen. 2 CanPlug – all data is collected, transferred, and processed automatically, ensuring critical records are maintained for accurate reporting.

“The combination of live interactivity and automated reporting improves the ability for growers, retailers, and other stakeholders to identify and address factors that may be impacting a farm’s revenue or productivity,” says Ron Osborne, chief strategy and product officer of Farmers Edge. “Whether it’s more intelligently dispatching sprayers, reducing operator idling, monitoring custom applications to ensure accuracy, or understanding which machine performs best for each job, the FarmCommand In-Cab Tool delivers unmatched transparency and flexibility to unlock the value of data.”

How it Works

The In-Cab Tool connects to the Farmers Edge Gen. 2 CanPlug via Bluetooth, and wirelessly streams real-time planting, spraying, harvest, fertilizer applications, and field maintenance job data along with equipment performance diagnostics to any tablet, computer, or mobile device. It syncs automatically to the cloud to keep all data in one place. It offers both a manager and an operator view, which enables greater control over field operations through remote monitoring, scheduling, and management.

Manager View. The In-Cab Tool allows farm managers to connect multiple machines within a field to one view, and easily toggle between all machines. A quick tap on any machine within a job displays the operator view for access to detailed job values. It provides a simple way to view all active jobs on the farm, access job information, keep organized records, and gain a true understanding of profits. 

Operator View. Farm operators connect directly from a mobile device or tablet to a live equipment view. With one tap, they can adjust plans on the go, view live applications or yields, and share critical data with managers and trusted advisers.

Integrated with FarmCommand, the In-Cab Tool complements the suite of existing digital decision support tools, including hyper-local weather data, real-time supply management, automated grain inventory management, daily imagery and unique map layers, and automated crop health detection. 

What’s Next

In addition to these features, the company provided a sneak peek of four In-Cab Tool enhancements it plans to release in the future.

  1. Real-Time Harvest Management. An integrated scale will eliminate all manual harvest data entry ensuring records are accurate and up-to-date.
  2. Integrated Market Data. This feature will give farmers insight into the most popular agricultural commodities, including corn, soybeans, canola, and wheat to get the most value from their harvest.
  3. Real-Time Kinematics (RTK). Farmers Edge is working with its partner and dealer networks of base stations to transmit signals that correct positioning errors caused by the Earth’s atmosphere.
  4. A/B Line Sharing. To deliver higher levels of real-time connectivity, this feature will enable sharing lines across multiple pieces of equipment and implements.

The In-Cab Tool is available now on iTunes and on Google Play. To learn more about the FarmCommand In-Cab Tool, visit

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