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In-Season and Predictive Crop Data Coming Soon for Agribusiness

Farm Market iD is releasing new In-Season and Predictive Crop data. The information will cover corn, soybeans, wheat, and cotton in 20 states, totaling over an estimated 200 million planted acres and 90% of U.S. corn and soybeans.

“In the past, agribusinesses only had access to historical farm and crop data,” says CEO Steve Rao. “Now, ag companies can gain critical insights based on the current and next year’s crops to gain a competitive edge.”

The data will be produced from a variety of sources including satellite imagery, weather data observations, and historic planting information. It then goes into a machine learning model that considers regional variations, commodity prices during preliminary planting, USDA data, and weather data. 

“There are various reports and institutions that may predict key crops at a macro level,” says Rao. “Our data, however, is built from the land up at quarter-acre increments and linked to grower data. This allows agribusinesses to use it both tactically and strategically to better understand micromarkets.” 

Farm Market iD’s new data will be available in July. To preorder, visit

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