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Indigo Agriculture forms data integration agreement with John Deere Operations Center

This will link on-farm agronomic data between technology ecosystems, say Indigo officials.

Indigo Agriculture has announced its integration with the John Deere Operations Center to link on-farm agronomic data between technology ecosystems. By connecting to the John Deere Operations Center, Indigo enhances its ability to deliver agronomic advice, carbon credits, and crop premiums to U.S. farmers, according to Indigo officials.

Sharing of agronomic data and historical records between the company’s platforms and the John Deere Operations Center improves the functionality of all of Indigo’s services, including Indigo Carbon. This is a marketplace paying farmers for increases in soil carbon content and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Indigo officials say this effort has already seen over 18 million acres submitted for consideration from U.S. farmers since it was launched in June 2019. 

This mounting interest in carbon credits underscores the industry’s preparedness to address climate change, as agricultural soils present an immediate, scalable, and affordable opportunity for drawing carbon dioxide down from the atmosphere, say Indigo officials. At $15 to $20 per ton of carbon sequestered, credits generated through this marketplace have the potential to unlock new and substantial revenue streams for growers, say Indigo officials. At the same time, Indigo officials add the optimization of on-farm equipment through a link with the John Deere Operations Center that can accelerate the generation of credits, as growers will automatically share farming practice information.

“The connection between Indigo’s innovative technology suite and the John Deere Operations Center will lead to significant productivity gains for my business,” said Ben Riensche, an Indigo Research partner board member who is currently trialing the link on his farm near Jubilee, Iowa, in an Indigo press release. “In every decision I make – from planting to harvest – connecting platforms allows me to more easily share and verify my data, bringing me closer to anything from generating a carbon credit to upping my premium on grain in Grain Marketplace.”

Indigo Grain Marketplace directly connects buyers and sellers for more efficient transactions. Last week, Indigo rolled out a new suite of pricing tools for the platform, which helps growers maximize earning potential of any grain marketing strategy. 

To further improve profitability, a direct link with the John Deere Operations Center will allow for farmers to demonstrate how their grain was grown, which can in turn increase the premiums that sustainability-focused buyers are willing to pay.

“We’re thrilled to work with John Deere to bring new solutions to their Operations Center customers,” said Chris Malone, head of Field Data Solutions at Indigo, in an Indigo press release. “This connection will support Indigo Carbon, Indigo Grain Marketplace, and Indigo Acres by allowing growers the choice to share information to receive carbon credits, premiums on their grain, and agronomic advice.” 

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