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Indigo Partners Program Puts Technology In Farmers’ Hands

One of the biggest challenges ag tech start-ups face is connecting with farmers to help them understand how an innovation can benefit their operation. With the launch of its Indigo Partners program, Indigo will collaborate with growers to test, validate, and determine the impact of new technologies based on field data and grower experience. The 2017 program will include 25 U.S. growers and agronomic experts who cover over 15,000 acres. 

“Using bioinformatics and data analytics, we are creating a unique agricultural R&D platform. Together with leading growers around the world, we will test and validate new technologies, generating insights that will bring innovative products to market,” says David Perry, CEO and Director of Indigo. “With Indigo Partners, we seek to discover and launch technologies that improve farmer profitability, and to champion change with new sustainable farming practices.”

“The Indigo Partners program is going to be transformative in agriculture,” says Kip Tom, Chairman of the Indigo Partners program and chairman of Tom Farms. “Indigo’s approach addresses the most critical pressure point for farmers, helping to understand the value new innovative technologies bring. I look forward to watching growers worldwide benefit from the Indigo Partners program.”

One of the first products to be tested will be Indigo’s microbial seed treatments. Throughout the growing season, growers will work with Indigo and agronomic experts to collect data. Growers will then share their insights at an Indigo-hosted event, which will help further refine products and technologies. 

The success of the company will be shared with growers through equity grants. Indigo plans to expand the program on a global scale in the future.

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