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IntelliFarms, Insight Bio Ag Collaborate to Improve Crop Quality

IntelliFarms and Insight Bio Ag are partnering to help farmers better understand how they can affect the outcome of their crop while reducing input costs. 

“Our goal is to continue to evolve our technology solutions and help farmers find new ways to bring profitability back to the farm. We believe improving the quality of their crop is the way to do that,” says Todd Sears, IntelliFarms CEO. “With Insight’s Energy Curve data automatically connecting to our FieldDataManager information, we are taking the guesswork out of what, when, and how much to spray for our customers. Ultimately, we believe this will help them improve their crop’s health and yield, while at the same time saving money.”

This collaboration, which will connect Insight Bio Ag’s Energy Curve data with the real-time weather and soil information being gathered by IntelliFarms’ FieldDataManager, will provide farmers with tools that will guide them through the constantly changing needs of their crops and enable them to pinpoint the most valuable timing of applications. 

“With this partnership, we are able to incorporate our unique Energy Curve and Nutrient Use Curve into IntelliFarms’ technology so farmers can be notified immediately and directly of upcoming events on their farms and how those events are affected by current conditions,” says Ben Elliott, cofounder of Insight Bio Ag. “This unique Energy Curve indexes all the energy and nutrient cycling processes based on current conditions in the field to give farmers an insight to what the needs of that crop are and how they are impacted by the products they are using, natural events, and soil conditions. We also bring a line of products designed to support natural cycles and plant growth progress. All of this combines into a state-of-the-art system to help farmers save money and increase farm-wide profits.”

While both companies provide information and data to help farmers make data-driven decisions that could significantly impact their crops, their goal is to help farmers take steps that do not veer greatly from their current growing practices.

“The energy requirements of a plant is where some highly critical decisions lie that will be beneficial to growers’ crops and their profitability,” Sears says. “We are excited to partner with Insight Bio Ag and show growers what a game changer this can be for them. What was a concept just a few years ago is now a practice that can be adopted to get their crops to their healthiest condition through growth development.”

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