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IntelliDrive Achieves Million-Acre Milestone

Exclusive to John Deere 1690/1990 air seeders, Ag Manufacturing & Technology’s (AMT) IntelliDrive has planted more than a million acres across the Midwest.

This patented attachment adds up to 12 electric drives, which gives farmers the ability to do section control. With GPS precision, the technology reduces input waste by 10% or more. A motorized manifold controlled by proprietary software, IntelliDrive is displayed on the John Deere split screen or other monitor or tablet.

“If you’re going to plant very much with your drill, you’ve got to have IntelliDrive. Your seed savings alone will recoup the cost of the equipment,” says Todd Williams, who plants wheat and other commodities on 3,000 acres in Ballard County, Kentucky.

Unavoidable in mechanical seeders and box drills, he says IntelliDrive tamps down and eliminates skip and overlap. Those gaps left by skips mean valuable acres aren’t being planted, and “if there isn’t grain for me to harvest, that hurts my bottom line. On the overlap side, I’m doubling my seed costs, plus it’s a deterrent to high yields,” Williams says.

He calculates he will see a return on his investment, based on 1,200 to 1,400 acres, in a little over a year. “It doesn’t take a whole lot of time to recoup the cost of IntelliDrive, and it’s even better on beans. From that point on, it’s extra money in my pocket,” Williams says.

“So many farmers are taking advantage of this patented technology to save on their seed and input costs,” says Rusty Kordick, an Iowa farmer and founder of AMT. “The technology is very dependable and reliable for variable-rate seed control, and ideal for any small grain including soybeans, wheat, cotton, canola, rice, hemp, peas, cover crops, and more.”

Testing, Measuring in Other Crops

In crops like wheat, AMT is increasing yield by reducing lodging and overplanting, and it’s currently being tested and measured in farmers’ fields.

“For years, air drills have always been just kind of a controlled spill. With IntelliDrive you’re actually planting a seed — you’re singulating,” says Michael Rushing, co-owner of Integrity Ag Group, an equipment dealer in Murray, Kentucky. “The key to farming today is taking the equipment you already own and maximizing it to the fullest potential. That’s what IntelliDrive does.”

Sold and serviced by select dealers, you can calculate the potential savings with IntelliDrive by visiting

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