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John Deere announces companies selected for its 2021 Startup Collaborator program

John Deere has selected four start-up companies to participate in its 2021 Startup Collaboration program. Launched in 2019, the cohort enhances and deepens its interaction with a start-up whose technology could add value for John Deere customers.

“The Startup Collaborator program continues to build tremendous interactions between startups and John Deere,” says Julian Sanchez, director, emerging technology for John Deere. “This year is no different as this diverse group of companies has great potential to transform our markets.”

The year-long program provides flexibility for Deere and a start-up to test an innovative technology with customers and dealers in a less formal way. Each start-up selected will gain affiliation with and mentoring from Deere’s expertise in precision agriculture. The invitation-only program considered a wide range of companies before choosing the final four listed below.

1. Nori. This start-up is working to reverse climate change by building a carbon market where entities from individuals to large corporations can purchase carbon credits directly from farmers.

2. NVision Ag. Using aerial images and patented University of Missouri research to create yield loss maps, total yield loss estimates, and N rate control files, this company has developed a platform that helps corn farmers make nitrogen management decisions.

3. Scanit. This company is enabling growers to proactively maximize yields and minimize operating costs through early detection of airborne pathogens.

4. Teleo. This start-up is converting existing construction and mining equipment into remote-controlled robots. Operators can control machines from miles away, which increases operator productivity, enhances crew safety, and improves jobsite insights.

“Innovation is one of our company’s core values. The Startup Collaborator program is one way we can continue the innovative spirit that has helped define John Deere for more than 180 years,” Sanchez says. “We are excited to welcome these companies into the collaborator program and look forward to them helping us drive better returns for our customers.”

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