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John Deere Completes Ag Data Transparent Certification

By certifying its Operations Center for privacy, security, and transparency, John Deere becomes the tenth company to join the Ag Data Transparency movement.

“It’s valuable to have Deere take this next step as they were an important part of putting the founding principles together,” says Beverly Paul, board president of Ag Data Transparency Evaluator, Inc. “Participating all the way through shows the commitment they have to data transparency.”

The Ag Data Transparency Evaluator is a tool designed to help farmers understand how their ag data is used when signing up with technology providers to use precision ag products. A company must answer a set of 10 questions to determine compliance with certain core principles for ag data ownership, consent, and privacy. Products are then reviewed, based on the answers to the questions, by a third-party administrator. If approved, the company is awarded use of the Ag Data Transparent seal.

“The privacy and security principles on which the ADT certification is founded apply to agronomic, land, farm management, machine and weather data,” says Matthew Olson, John Deere product marketing manager for precision ag. “It addresses issues such as data ownership, transparency, consistency, choice, portability, collection, access, data control, disclosure and use, which are important in helping producers make informed decisions about the data partners they work with in their operations.”

“At a time when data is leading us into the future, and every piece of that data can lead a farmer toward greater profitability, we encourage companies to certify with our organization to showcase their commitment as a company to the farmers using their technology,” she says.

With the amount of data that is currently collected and utilized in the agriculture industry, ensuring proper ownership and use is a priority for companies and a concern among farmers. 

“Over the last two years, additional farm groups and companies have joined the Ag Data Transparent effort, broadening the scope of our efforts,” Paul adds. “As the needs of our farmers continue to grow and change in a rapidly evolving market, we want to continue to expand the reach of ag data core principles.”

Besides the John Deere Operations Center, the seal has been awarded to AgDNA, Onsite (AgIntegrated), Morning Farm Report (Agrible), FARMserver (Beck’s Hybrids), Conservis, Farmobile, Granular, FS Advanced Information Services (GROWMARK), and MyAgData (Independent Data Management). 

Companies that wish to become Ag Data Transparent-certified must complete the evaluation tool and review by the third-party administrator. To learn more, visit

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