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John Deere Enhances its Precision Ag Offerings

The latest precision ag products and updated software from John Deere can be used on more brands of equipment while, at the same time, offering expanded applications. 

4240 Universal Display

The Gen 4 display family has a new member, the 4240 Universal Display, which is an affordable, portable, and durable option. A replacement for the GreenStar 2 1800, the 4240 is user friendly with its easy-to-read, high-contrast 8.4-inch touch screen that’s enclosed in a weather-resistant, IP65-rated shell for cabless equipment.

Basic documentation and AutoTrac automated guidance are included with the display purchase. Other options are also available. For example, you can choose to deduct AutoTrac to use the display as an implement-only display. You can also opt to expand display applications to include Section Control, variable-rate applications, Wireless Data Transfer, Data Sync with John Deere Operations Center, and Remote Display Access with additional subscriptions. 

“The 4240 Universal Display is perfect for producers who want an economical but robust display for AutoTrac and documentation. It can be used on open-station John Deere tractors and equipment of other brands,” says John Mishler, tactical marketing manager for John Deere precision ag products. “It’s the ideal display for customers running mixed fleets who need basic precision applications for drawn sprayers, baling, planting, tillage, and other operations.”

Other features include video input and ethernet ports, ISOBUS compatibility, a multicolor display screen, and scalable functionality depending on customer preference. 

AutoTrac Universal 300

The AutoTrac Universal 300 is meant to complement the new 4240 Universal Display. It includes easy, automatic setup; a smaller, more comfortable steering wheel; and a quieter steering motor in a weather-resistant housing. This newest guidance product, which replaces the AutoTrac Universal 200, can be used on Deere as well as other brands that are not AutoTrac ready. 

“Most producers have experienced time and cost savings, as well as the convenience and precision, that automated guidance offers,” Mishler says. “AutoTrac Universal 300 provides producers these same benefits when operating machines that aren’t currently AutoTrac enabled in an easy-to-use, affordable system.”

Software Update 18-2

The Gen 4 family is also getting a software update. The Software Update 18-2 improves performance, machine uptime, and cost and convenience of operation by adding customer-requested functionality.
With the Software Update 18-2 bundle, customers using any Gen 4 Display with a v2 processor have access to basic documentation at no charge. They can view multiple map layers simultaneously, and utilize third-party rate controllers and receivers for additional documentation, mapping, and data analysis through the John Deere Operations Center.

For example, the 18-2 update allows you to mark points of interest with flags in the field and then share that information among John Deere displays on other equipment via the Operations Center; view as-applied rates alongside variety or yield maps; and allows the 4640 Universal Display to work with a wider variety of equipment and applications.

“The new Software Update 18-2 bundle provides greater functionality, more versatility, and application customization, allowing you to do a better job with many field operations and bringing greater efficiency, value, and information,” explains Mishler. “All of these new precision ag products are designed to help add a higher level of accuracy, provide access to more data, and handle more applications so you can be more productive and profitable.”

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