John Deere Expands Compatibility of AutoTrac Controller 300

The benefits of automated steering are widely known. Yet, not all farmers operate machines that come factory-equipped with this technology. In order to provide more farmers with the opportunity to take advantage of automated steering, John Deere is expanding its AutoTrac Controller 300 to a variety of nonguidance-ready machine platforms.

“This solution is compatible with many newer Deere vehicles not already equipped with AutoTrac, as well as older machines and other equipment brands,” says John Mishler, precision ag marketing manager for John Deere. “It integrates with a John Deere precision ag display and StarFire receiver for a complete guidance system and a consistent John Deere precision ag experience across the entire fleet.”

A dealer-installed kit, AutoTrac Controller 300 can be plumbed into both open- and closed-center hydraulic systems. By utilizing the hydraulic, as well as the electrical components already in the machine, the system can be used on cabbed or open-station Deere and other brands of ag machines with front- or rear-wheel steering. Because there are no modifications needed in the cab, the original steering wheel and operator station remain intact.

“We want to help farmers get that integrated AutoTrac experience across even more machines in their fleet while still maintaining the ergonomics those machines were built with,” Mishler says.

An economical solution

The company is also making this guidance solution more affordable.

“Some of the previous kits we’ve offered for integration included the hydraulic hoses and fittings, which has driven the cost up,” he says. “With this solution, we are only shipping the main components. The dealer then provides the hydraulic hoses and fittings that they have on their shelves already, so they can leverage what they have in the shop to keep the cost down.”

AutoTrac Controller 300 can be used on nonguidance-equipped machines with single-point steering including utility and row-crop tractors in 2WD, 4WD, and articulated configurations. Later this year, John Deere plans to expand compatibility to machines other than tractors. 

Contact your local John Deere dealer for pricing information or visit to learn more.

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