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John Deere unveils FarmSight

To meet the needs of farmers not only today but as they look to the future, John Deere unveiled FarmSight, an array of services that will provide technology solutions in 3 areas.

Deere officials made the announcement at the 2011 Commodity Classic Thursday in Tampa, Florida. The new FarmSight system, according to Deere, includes the following features:

  1. Machine optimization. Get the most out of machinery on the farm using precision technology and wireless data for higher levels of productivity and increased uptime.
  2. Logistics optimization. Better manage machinery from remote locations through a variety of fleet management solutions and increased machine-to-machine communication.
  3. Ag Decision Support. FarmSight includes user-friendly monitors, sensors, and wireless networks that provide easy access to machinery and agronomic data so farmers can make proactive management decisions.

“John Deere FarmSight global suite of solutions uses integrated, wireless technology that links the equipment, owners, operators, dealers, and agricultural consultants to provide even more productivity to your farm or business,” says Jerry Roell, Director, John Deere FarmSight.

Machinery will be able to communicate from the field about overall machine performance, which will allow farmers to proactively diagnose service issues, such as filter changes, to help reduce downtime.

In addition, these machines will be able to talk to one another.

“Imagine a combine harvesting in the field that is ready to unload on-the-go. The tractor operator can see the fill status of the combine on a monitor in the tractor and then pull the grain cart to a predetermined spot near the combine to begin the unloading process. The machines will lock on to each other while the combine maintains its harvesting speed. The combine operator can automatically control the speed of the tractor, nudging it for an even fill of the grain cart,” explains Roell. “This technology will improve overall harvest efficiency by automating machinery for non-stop harvest production.”

With easy plug-and-play technology, all systems will integrate seamlessly.

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