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Joint Venture FieldReveal Capitalizes On Proven Precision Ag Platform

Central Valley Ag, Landus Cooperative, Wheat Growers, and WinField United are joining forces to create FieldReveal. This joint venture provides ag retailers with an easy-to-use precision ag platform focused on empowering local agronomists to better serve growers and to keep pace with advancements in technology. The origin of FieldReveal is the Wheat Growers’ MZB precision farming system launched in 1997. The platform will be licensed to additional North American ag retailers who will be able to incorporate it as part of their existing precision ag offerings.

“This tool was built by agronomists and is used by agronomists. That’s what makes it so relevant and effective. It was designed to enhance the partnership between ag retailers, agronomists, and their customers,” says Brent Wiesenburger, executive adviser for FieldReveal and precision ag manager at Wheat Growers. 

“We have been working over the past year to ensure FieldReveal has full connectivity to WinField United’s data silo and suite of precision farming tools, including the R7 Tool by WinField,” says Teddy Bekele, vice president of ag technology for WinField United. “As commodity prices are stressed, growers want to spend money in the right places. We have seen an increase in the adoption of precision tools, and we want to have best-in-class solutions. That’s why we plan on investing in FieldReveal and intend to make it part of our Answer Tech program.”

The driving force behind the joint venture was the significant investment and advancements in precision agriculture in recent years. “By joining forces and expanding FieldReveal to more retailers and growers, the FieldReveal partners are securing a technology offering for the future, driven from the ground up by agronomists working with growers every day,” explains Wiesenburger. “It also gives FieldReveal the financial wherewithal to support innovation and to keep improving our precision agriculture tools based on grower needs.”

FieldReveal makes it easier for agronomists to write seed, fertility, and other input prescriptions based on geo-referenced, multilayered sampling taken from grids, soil-management zones, or a combination of both. While the algorithms may be complex, none of that complexity is felt by the agronomist or the grower. This allows users to easily take precision into their own hands, while creating a more scalable solution for the retailer. Retailers will appreciate the connectivity FieldReveal brings to a wide range of precision ag tools, and growers will enjoy the connectivity to most wireless controllers, as well as the ability to maximize returns on each acre.

Wiesenburger also sees the enlarged footprint of the joint venture as a vehicle for other tech companies to preview or to launch their new products.

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