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MachineryHost Bridges the Gap Between Business and Technology for Equipment Dealers

As a global search engine for used machinery, has connected over 3,000 paying members with over 70,000 quality buyers who submit inquiries each month. With over 1.5 million listings, the platform continues to attract more than 600,000 buyers monthly.

The six-year-old start-up used its knowledge of how dealers view and use technology and what their challenges are to develop MachineryHost. This new product is an all-in-one software to design/host websites, manage inventory, create email campaigns, and store contacts. 

Filling a gap

Many of the 3,000 sellers the company has relationships with share the same challenges – outdated websites that aren’t optimized for mobile or search engines, old (or nonexistent) tools for managing leads, and wasted time that hurt their growth and limit revenue. 

They oftentimes turn to small local website developers or even friends and family to solve those issues and end up paying tens of thousands for systems that do not work for their intended purpose.

“MachineryHost answers these challenges with a simple, yet powerful, all-in-one solution for a modern optimized website, and software tools for making life easy, saving time, and selling more machinery,” says James Tomlinson, director of business development for MachineryHost. “We fill the technology and accessibility gap that machinery sellers have felt since the dawn of the internet.”

A simple and easy system

“Knowing how dealers of used equipment lead multigenerational businesses that are most of the time not adapted to the way digital and tech-oriented things are today, we built MachineryHost from the ground up to be intuitive and easy to love,” says Laura Pereira, operations manager at and marketing lead for MachineryHost.

While it may sound obvious, the system has to work. 

“We were shocked by all the nightmare stories we heard from sellers about websites crashing or data being deleted and a hundred other ways technology didn’t work the way they needed it to,” Pereira says. 

It also needs to be scalable. 

“MachineryHost is a flexible and all-embracing system that’s perfect for both small mom-and-pop operations and growing businesses with several employees and thousands of pieces of inventory,” she says.

Separating itself from the competition

Both Pereira and Tomlinson say MachineryHost is a really flexible tool that is constantly improving based on the feedback from its customers. Its biggest competitive advantage is the relationships it already has in the machinery industry, and an outstanding tech team behind the scenes that listens to customers’ needs and quickly rolls out new features. 

“We believe that this kind of responsiveness really allows us to stay current with the needs of the customer and gives us an edge over our competitors,” Tomlinson says.

The goal of continues to be to remove steps in the process of buyers and sellers so less time is spent messing with technology and more time focused on their core business.

Navigating the software

From day one, MachineryHost was built with machinery dealers in mind, so that when they log in for the first time, it just makes sense. 

“Similar to Machinio, we don’t want there to be any friction between a buyer finding a machine, getting in touch with the seller, and the seller closing a deal,” Pereira says. “Technology should work seamlessly, and we think we’ve built a tool that does just that.”

For sellers who need extra help, the MachineryHost customer success team is focused on providing the training, answering the questions, and assisting with tech-support to facilitate the product-introduction process. 

“And the best part? Dealers get to speak with a real human, not a recorded message,” Tomlinson says.

“We’ve seen amazing results after switching to MachineryHost,” says Travis Smith, Partner, Smith Food Machnery. “It’s actually been life-changing for our business. We may need to hire to keep up with demand. We’re saving time managing our inventory, getting more leads than ever before, sending out more quotes, and converting more sales. I couldn’t be more happy with my decision.”

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