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Monsanto Signs Agreement With Emerging Technology Device

Two Pore Guys, a manufacturer for handheld diagnostic testing equipment, announced Monsanto’s global agreement to use the devices.

The agreement allows Monsanto to evaluate the performance of the new technology in both laboratories as well as in field conditions in detecting crops, pests, and pathogens. The handheld, single-molecule digital biosensor is as accurate as medial lab equipment but is as inexpensive and easy to use as a blood glucose monitor.

The innovative device can test for any molecule in humans, animals, plants, and the environment. The device is small and battery powered, allowing the gadget to be used in fields and reducing the costs of tests otherwise taken to labs. The device can be used to quantify GMOs and traits, do IP fingerprinting, assist in breeding, monitor pathogens, and more.

Two Pore Guys technology can be used to detect and evaluate traits of interest as well as genetic mutations, insertions, or modifications with a high degree of sensitivity and specifications. For farmers, the open-platform technology with enable them to create detection of traits or diseases for basic research and development to use within commercial purposes. Just as farmers can use smartphones for improving farm practices and management, they will be able to use specific analysis for basic research designed for farm use. 

“Monsanto is looking forward to evaluating Two Pore Guys’ novel, rapid, and portable detection platform within our testing operations,” says Tom Adams, vice president and biotechnology lead for Monsanto. “Advancements in modern agriculture are increasingly driven by innovations in biology, data science, and digitization. Technologies like this are consistent with our work to deliver more productive and sustainable solutions for agriculture.”


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