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NASA Harvest, CropX partner to support sustainable ag initiatives

NASA Harvest and CropX have developed a partnership that will provide NASA Harvest, a food security and agriculture program, with soil insights that will help it monitor agriculture worldwide. Together, the two companies will provide farmers and industry experts with the data needed to farm more sustainably by conserving resources and improving yields.

By combining CropX soil data monitoring, the comprehensive insights provided by the CropX ag analytics platform, and NASA’s network of Earth-observing satellites, NASA Harvest will deliver critical insights that support informed and science-driven decision making and further its mission of improving food security and advancing sustainable agriculture. 

“Soil health and nutrient management is at the very root of food security and sustainable agriculture concerns – an accurate understanding of what is actually happening underneath the ground is essential,” says Nadav Liebermann, CTO of CropX. “Satellite imagery has long been an integral part of CropX algorithms, and our partnership with NASA Harvest will deliver valuable agronomic insights by connecting critical data at different depths underground and from an expansive network of satellites in space. We are looking forward to working with the NASA Harvest team to improve farm decision-making worldwide – in both developed and undeveloped regions.” 

In Arizona, NASA has deployed CropX solutions on alfalfa farms controlled by IAF Investments Group. The pilot program will test and fine-tune the algorithms that will become the foundation of nationwide, and eventually global, agriculture insights. With the integration of NASA satellite data and synthetic aperture radar information, the year-long program will define the parameters for water use estimates, yield prediction, soil quality, and land use assessments based on multiple crop cycles.

“We are in a constant race to produce and supply enough food to feed a rapidly growing global population, with finite land and natural resources. NASA Harvest is dedicated to collaborating with top innovators to make the best possible use of our agricultural land; CropX unites our space-led vision with on-farm intelligence and results,” says Dr. Inbal Becker-Reshef, program director of NASA Harvest. “We were impressed by the accuracy and reliability with which the CropX soil monitoring platform was able to both pinpoint various soil health and environmental challenges, as well as determine opportunities for water, energy, and nutrient conservation. CropX offers the advanced tools and global farm footprint needed to understand and improve soil health and water quality tied to farming ecosystems around the world. Paired with satellite data, this provides the opportunity to scale these insights in support of farmer productivity and more effective use of available resources.”

Because of a renewed focus on soil moisture metrics spurred by NASA’s NISAR mission, the team hopes to build on the pilot in the coming years by using the best available technology to analyze and support more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly farming practices. 

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