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New Raven Slingshot® Advancements Will Help Save Time and Reduce Errors

Raven Industries, Inc. announced two new services available on their SlingShot® and Viper® 4 platforms today.

These new tools, Job Generator and Job Sync, will increase efficiency and cut down on operator mistakes. Job Generator allows users to prepopulate job data, such as field attributes and location, products, and rates, and send it to a Raven field computer through the Slingshot platform.

“Job Generator helps organize work for the agronomist, dispatcher, or operator,” says Paul Welbig, director of enterprise services and logistics for Ravel Applied Technology. “Not only does it save setup time, but also it reduces the need to enter a job redundantly, ultimately reducing errors and saving the operation time and money.”

While Job Generator organizes information, Job Sync allows for teamwork. Through cloud technology, multiple users can collaborate on a job simultaneously or days apart.

“Job Sync is the simplest and most user-friendly machine-to-machine solution on the market,” says Welbig. “Users have already raved about its simplicity compared with other platforms. It’s just as easy as starting and completing a normal job.”

SlingShot subscriptions are available for Viper 4 and Viper 4+ field computers now, with plans to expand to the CR7 and new CR12 field computers later this year. Raven will be debuting the platform at its North American Customer Summit July 17-19 at InfoAg in St. Louis, Missouri, and August 22-23 at MAGIE in Bloomington, Illinois.

“These new innovations are our commitment to the ag retailer, custom applicator, and enterprise farms,” says Brian Meyer, division vice president and general manager of Raven Applied Technology. “But we won’t stop here. Raven will continue to bring new capabilities to the market while innovating simple-to-use precision technology.”

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