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New tire roll-out uses soyoil

From solvents to plastics to paints and to, of course,
biodiesel, soybean oil has displayed a diversity of uses that astound the farmers
who produce the crop. The string of successful new uses of soybeans was
extended when farmers discovered at the Commodity Classic this year that even farm tires can be made from soyoil.

And not just any tire, but massive tractor rubber!

Bridgestone Americas, whose Firestone brand tires are found
in use in fields around the world, revealed they are testing a tractor tire
that contains 10% soybean oil. Each 900-pound tire contains about 90 pounds of
soybean oil. That’s the equivalent of about eight bushels of soybeans and is
enough product to completely replace the petroleum-based oils now employed to
produce tires, according to the company.

“We put two and two together, and
making ag tires out of soybeans is a natural fit to start some of those
efforts,” adds Tom Rodgers of Firestone.

The company expects that the first soy-based tires could hit the
market yet this winter. Bridgestone wants to use soyoil in its entire line of
farm tires by the end of this year.

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