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Nutrien Ag Solutions Acquires Agbridge

Nutrien Ag Solutions says this will advance its digital agriculture offerings.

Nutrien Ag Solutions has announced its acquisition of Agbridge from the Scruggs Equipment Company Inc. Agbridge is a wireless data transport solution that enables the transfer of precision agriculture data between equipment operating in the field and the computers of growers and trusted advisers, say Nutrien Ag Solution officials. 

Agbridge’s solution will provide the company with crucial data transfer and management capabilities to enhance field-level support and field-specific data access, say Nutrien Ag Solution officials. The technology is capable of transferring precision agriculture data between the field and office across a variety of equipment brands, enabling secure and efficient data management at high scale, say Nutrien Ag Solution officials. 

This leading technology will collect field-level data from Nutrien Ag Solutions’ application equipment, and transfer it wirelessly to a central, cloud-based repository to inform more precise agronomic recommendations and decisions, say Nutrien Ag Solution officials. 

“The acquisition of Agbridge adds new capability for Nutrien Ag Solutions to build out our precision agriculture platform,” said Mike Frank, CEO at Nutrien Ag Solutions, in a company news release. “By having this geospatial data collection on our entire fleet of custom application units, we will be able to provide new levels of insights and service to our customers. These insights will lead to more precise analysis of product performance and greater utilization of our custom application fleet.”

 Development of Agbridge began in 2015, and it was named one of CropLife’s “15 Best New Agriculture Apps for 2019.” Cofounders Don and Kevin Klas will join the Nutrien Ag Solutions team to lead the implementation and future development of the Agbridge technology and its capabilities within Nutrien Ag Solutions across North America, say Nutrien Ag Solutions officials. 

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