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Parrot Develops Multipurpose Drone for Ag

The Parrot Disco-Pro AG is a customized version of the Parrot Disco. The delta wing-shape unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is equipped with a powerful on-board computer, which manages the wing’s stability allowing it to continually adapt to the environment to prevent the UAV from stalling.

The package includes:

• Pix4Dcapture. This app is the first flight planning app that supports a fixed-wing UAV and enables the user to define flight missions to map crops. To create a flight plan, the user selects the plot to map on this free app. A user can also tailor mapping parameters, like altitude and overlap, based on your needs. In addition, the embedded full HD 14 megapixel camera can capture video. Footage captured can be live streamed via the app on a smartphone or tablet.

The autopilot feature also has been optimized to be compatible with the Pix4Dcapture flight planning app. This feature manages the entire flight, from launch to landing, following the specified path.The Parrot Disco-Pro AG is launched by throwing it into the air like a Frisbee, which activates the autopilot feature. The device then ascends to the ideal altitude. Once the device is stabilized at 120 meters, it can map up to 80 hectares autonomously in 30 minutes. 

• Parrot Sequoia. This multispectral imagery solution captures images of crops in visible and invisible spectrums. The multispectral sensor with GPS automatically records images in four bands: green, red, red-Edge, and near infrared. The 64-GB internal memory stores captured images. A separate luminosity sensor records lighting conditions and automatically calibrates collected data with the multispectral sensor data during the computer processing phase.

• Parrot Skycontroller 2. This Wi-Fi remote control allows a user to pilot the UAV manually and has a 2-kilometer range.

• AIRINOV FIRST +. Images taken by the Sequoia are uploaded via computer to this online platform for processing and analysis. In a few hours, a farmer will receive a report, which includes orthomosaic maps and zoning. This information provides a view of the density of vegetation and relative health of crops. 

The suggested retail price is $4,500. To learn more, visit

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