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Pheasants Forever, The Climate Corporation Partner to Harness Digital Ag and Habitat Solutions

A collaboration between Pheasants Forever and The Climate Corporation will help farmers, landowners, and others involved in agriculture and conservation adopt a landscape strategy that values crop productivity, producer profitability, and conservation. The overall goal of the combined effort is to harness the digital technologies and spatial science of the Climate FieldView platform with Pheasants Forever’s proven reputation of delivering voluntary, habitat-based solutions at the field and local level.

Pheasants Forever’s Precision Ag & Conservation Specialists will provide free technical service to Climate FieldView platform users who ‘opt in’ to identify farm-specific conservation options for marginal and underperforming areas.

“The Climate Corporation aims to help farmers maintain natural systems and resources by building and maintaining healthy soil, improving water quality, and promoting biodiversity including wildlife habitats,” says Sam Eathington, The Climate Corporation’s chief science officer. “Our partnership with Pheasants Forever allows us to give farmers using FieldView tailor-made and fiscally sustainable solutions for underperforming acres.”

The partnership will launch in southwest North Dakota this spring, where Pheasants Forever encourages landowner participation in the creation or enhancement of wildlife habitat. In the heart of pheasant country, Emily Spolyar, Pheasants Forever precision agriculture & conservation specialist, will utilize Climate FieldView in meetings with local farmers.

“Digital information drives decision making, and by analyzing every acre of their operations, farmers can make the best management decisions possible,” Spolyar says. “This leap forward in agriculture has been key in identifying areas for wildlife habitat development through local, state, and federal conservation programs.”

The partnership will expand into southeast North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa during summer 2019.

“With the insights of digital agriculture and the evaluation of each acre of a field for productivity and profitability, we’re in the midst of a paradigm shift in showcasing how conservation and production agriculture are mutually and economically beneficial,” says Howard Vincent, Pheasants Forever’s president and CEO. Vincent adds that the technological advancements and resulting projects are redefining the notion of how modern agriculture contributes to sustainable landscapes.

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