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Pioneer Launches Corn Yield Estimator

It’s Part of New Mobile App and Website. 

You now have a new way to estimate corn yields. The new Pioneer Corn Yield Estimator is available as part of the Pioneer mobile app. This tool uses a machine-learning model, which allows you to quickly and accurately count the kernels on an ear while in the field, say Corteva Agriscience officials. The yield estimate is based on kernel count, stand count, and kernels per bushel. 

The yield estimator walks you through the process of lining up the ear of corn to be sampled, taking the necessary number of images, and entering the remaining information before providing a yield estimate. The tool requires that husks and silks be removed before taking the picture, but the ear does not need to be pulled from the stalk.

“The creation of this tool is part of Pioneer’s larger efforts to advance customers’ ability to improve management,” said Jeremy Groeteke, U.S. digital agriculture lead, Corteva Agriscience, in a company news release. “The goal of this app is to standardize the process for estimating yield from a single ear of corn and is part of our predictive agriculture effort.”

The introduction of the Yield Estimator kicks off a more connected Pioneer digital ecosystem, including the Pioneer Seeds mobile app and the revamped, say Corteva Agriscience officials. 

The new login interface, along with a user-friendly online payment experience and mobile responsiveness, is designed to make a more cohesive online environment for all users, say company officials. 

The new website is designed to be a one-stop shop, providing premium resources, such as a personalized seed guide, local yield data, updated and improved agronomy filtering, and seasonal tools and calculators, says Corteva Agriscience officials.

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