Precision Ag Reviews Launches Online Resource for Farmers

Whether it’s a new digital tool that monitors respiratory distress in animals, a new biopesticide that eliminates colonies of corn earworms, or a sensor that detects soil nitrates, farmers are being bombarded by sales pitches. Sifting through the myriad products can be daunting. 

Launched by the Ohio Soybean Council and soybean checkoff in 2017, the Precision Ag Reviews website is creating a farmers-helping-farmers community by compiling reviews for all brands and models of precision ag equipment to help farmers learn more about specific products.

“Information is everywhere, but nonbiased information is harder to find. Ohio soybean farmers made the investment in Precision Ag Reviews to benefit all farmers. The goal of this platform is to better the industry,” says Stacie McCracken, project manager of Precision Ag Reviews. 

By visiting, farmers can complete and read reviews. They can view the collective average review and individual reviews to help them make educated decisions on the best equipment for their operation. The website also includes a blog with comments from farmers as well as independent precision ag experts. 

“We are thrilled to have our new website ready to serve as a resource to all farmers. Our team has been traveling to farm shows across the U.S. asking farmers for their input on the precision equipment they are utilizing on their farms. We have a strong and diverse set of reviews and look forward to continuing to grow this resource,” McCracken says.

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