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PrecisionHawk Closes the Loop for Drone Data on the Farm

By integrating its drone data platform, DataMapper, with John Deere’s Operations Center, PrecisionHawk is helping growers streamline their decision ag products. 
With this collaboration, outputs like Canopy Cover, Plant Count, and a variety of vegetative indices from DataMapper are automatically linked to the grower’s Operations Center. This will give producers the power of aerial imagery analytics in software they’re already familiar with when making crop management decisions.

Growers can then see and analyze drone data in the Operations Center’s Field Analyzer, overlaying it with other maps (yield or as-applied application maps). From there, users can download reports and shape files that can be used to create prescription maps or to develop a plant and soil sampling plan.
“We believe that in order to achieve the highest level of precision ag technology adoption, it is critical that we fit our toolset into a grower’s existing capabilities,” says Nathaniel Hyde, enterprise channel executive at PrecisionHawk. “This way we can provide a streamlined approach that does not require access or training on different software interfaces.”

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