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PrecisionHawk Introduces PrecisionAnalytics Agriculture

Introduced by PrecisionHawk, PrecisionAnalytics Agriculture is an aerial mapping, modeling, and agronomy platform specifically designed for precision agriculture. This platform gives users the ability to apply the latest analytics tools and artificial intelligence (AI) to their aerial data. As a result, plant inventory, size, and health analysis are automated so users can more efficiently, accurately, and safely assess fieldwork.

With more than 150 full-time drone pilots and over 15,000 drone service providers, PrecisionHawk clients are using the network to capture data over millions of acres. Because the company's fleet can fly beyond visual line of sight, it dramatically increases the average amount of data captured per mission.

“By working closely with leading agricultural enterprises for nearly a decade, we have learned a tremendous amount about what they need to be successful. Our customers have consistently told us that they need a more efficient way to scout their crops and analyze plant and livestock data. PrecisionAnalytics is that solution — applying advanced AI and machine learning to address the complexities of agriculture,” says Michael Chasen, CEO of PrecisionHawk.

PrecisionAnalytics Agriculture in Farm Management

Using the software, farmers can process aerial data from multiple drone missions to identify and correct trouble spots before planting, during the growing season, or before harvest. Through the machine-learning models, the software features vegetative health indexing, plant and livestock counting, and canopy sizing. All of these features can be tailored for specific crops and uses. Farmers can aggregate the information gathered into custom zones and plots before exporting prescription maps and other data sets into farm-management systems.

Ultimately, the technology gives farmers a more accurate and holistic view of their operations.

PrecisionAnalytics Agriculture in Crop Insurance

As the scale of crop coverage grows, so does the need to quickly and effectively inspect crops for damage. With drones, insurance adjusters can now collect, process, and report precise data – up to thousands of acres in just one day – in a streamlined system.

In addition, crop insurers can use the AI-driven models to inventory crops and assess total value of the property.

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