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Premier Crop Systems Launches Data Visualization Platform

As part of their three-tier technology strategy, Premier Crop Systems has launched its new Data Visualization platform. Through this platform, farmers can gain key insights to make informed decisions based on economics, seed, crop protection, fertility, operations, and management.

Focused on farmer dashboards and group benchmarking, the Data Visualization platform reveals a Yield Efficiency Score for a farmer’s operation.

“Data Visualization is a key to helping growers understand their yield efficiency as their measure of success using a Yield Efficiency Score,” says Darren Fehr, director of sales and marketing.

Similar to a credit score, the Yield Efficiency Score is a single number derived from multiple factors. Its purpose: To determine a farmer’s return on investment on a per-acre basis but from a spatial perspective. The company says yield efficiency is quickly becoming the most important metric to measure a farmer’s success in an effort to enhance his operation.

“Our ultimate success is the grower’s success. We are constantly looking to improve growers’ operations to maximize efficiency and help them be more profitable on the acres they have,” says Tony Licht, business development manager in Iowa.

Through Premier Crop’s Data Visualization platform and Yield Efficiency Score, farmers can see anonymous group data and farmer benchmarking. Based on this information, a benchmarking score reveals how a farmer is performing against others as well as his own fields. It also uses the farmer’s actual data in five of his most important decision-making categories – economics, seed, crop protection, fertility, and operations – to prove efficiency and effectiveness of crop production.

“Group data is powerful over that many acres, allowing us to benchmark with other producers anonymously, which is invaluable information to my operation,” says Brad Hagen. He is a Minnesota corn producer who is pictured above working with Kalyn Naatz from Central Advantage GS, a Premier Crop partner.

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