Rakr app streamlines barn equipment maintenance

By combining their passion for technology and agriculture, Mohamad Yaghi and Rutwij Devashrayee are creating a simple, affordable platform that puts money back into a farmer’s pockets. 

To uncover key insights that would help shape the direction of their business, the pair reached out to farmers across North America. Their research confirmed electricity as one of the top four input costs on farms. Data analytics helped them find a better way for farmers to increase profit margins, gain more control over revenue, and make sustainability a more profitable farm practice.

Founded in 2017, Rakr has built a solution to help decrease energy costs through machinery maintenance. The Rakr free application manages, schedules, and tracks preventive maintenance on all barn equipment and calculates the cost savings when recommended maintenance is complete.

“The Rakr application is a streamlined new way for any farmer to keep ahead of barn equipment maintenance,” says Mohamad Yaghi, CEO of Rakr. “We’ve created a simple app that helps farmers track the money they save by doing maintenance checks and repairs on their barn equipment. The Rakr application brings all the information together in a maintenance to-do list. Every time a maintenance check or repair is completed, the app instantly calculates the money saved.”  

From fans, to robotic milkers, to boilers, the app enables users to identify all barn equipment they want to track and monitor by brand and model. Equipment is then catalogued, and a preventive maintenance calendar is created based on maintenance requirements. Maintenance alerts are sent to the farmer’s smartphone. Once maintenance is complete, the app tracks the cost savings.

“We know farmers are always looking for ways to control costs and save money,” Yaghi says. “The Rakr app is a great tool that helps farmers keep equipment running more efficiently, avoiding costly downtime and unexpected repairs – and it gives them the satisfaction of seeing how much they saved with preventive maintenance.”

The Rakr application is available on Google Play and the App Store

The new app is a precursor to the company’s NeatMeter, which will deliver real-time monitoring of barn equipment to unlock energy efficiency and savings. Through its unique predictive maintenance function, the NeatMeter will identify malfunctions in barn equipment before unexpected repairs add time and money in lost production. It is expected to be released in 2021.

The founders say several more products are in the Rakr pipeline, all of which are designed to help control expenses and increase margins.

Learn more by visiting rakr.ca.

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