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Raven launches OMNiPOWER 3200

OMNiPOWER 3200 is the latest model in Raven Industries’ autonomous power platform. The upgraded machine features added mechanical, functional, and aesthetic enhancements that improve efficiency and make autonomy more practical for producers.

On the inside, the model has been re-invented and includes a new Tier 5 engine with increased horsepower (173 to 200 hp). The hydraulic system has also been optimized, adding about 50% more power to the ground. Operating speeds have also been improved, with two-speed shifting (6 mph low gear, 12 mph high gear). Serviceability has also been upgraded, making it easier for growers to work on the machine in the field.

Utilizing the New Leader NL5000GS Crop Nutrient Applicator Spreader and the Pattison Liquid System’s Connect Plus 120 Sprayer interchangeable implements, the OMNiPOWER 3200 can currently spread and spray autonomously using a table interface.

“Raven continues to be successful at putting together all the building blocks of farm automation and autonomy today,” says Ben Voss, Raven director of sales in North America and Australia. “OMNiPOWER 3200 is a continuation of this market leadership, with customer-focused improvements that enhance our driverless power platform and incorporate what we’ve heard from growers and customers.”

The OMNiPOWER 3200 will be available through a rent/lease model until the system meets the company’s specifications for a large-scale release. Learn more about Raven’s autonomous advancements by clicking here.

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