Reasons Why Unmanned Vehicles are Awesome

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    1. At the AUVSI convention in Orlando, FL most unmanned vehicles…no, all of them have awesome names. For example, this UAS is called the Boeing Phantom Eye. Now that's how you name your products.

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    2. Are propellers too slow for you? No problem, a turbine engine should do the trick.

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    3. Because you can make your Bobcat skid loader drive by itself. That is all.

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    4. Most of the controllers for these vehicles look
    like something you can play video games with. There's an added bonus if
    it comes with an attached screen.

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    5. Because they can do all the heavy lifting for you. In this case it's military gear.

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    6. Need to do some deep sea exploring? This
    SeaOtter MkII should be able to handle your needs for sunken treasure.
    Take note of the awesome names we mentioned earlier.

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    7. Are four or maybe six propellers not enough? How about eight? That's right, an octocopter.

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    8. Handshakes are an important custom, and this robot from the folks at Johns Hopkins has a firm one.

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    9. Because this UAS is big enough to ride in.

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    10. Finally if you need one more reason, it's because these little guys can do choreographed dance numbers and land in your hand.

We all know that robotics are very cool, and the AUVSI convention in Orlando, FL featured some of the coolest.

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