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Register for the Tools of the Future Tour...and Earn CCA Credits, Too!

Meredith Agrimedia is launching the Successful Farming® Tools for the Future Tour this summer comprising 3 day-long symposiums in Iowa, Indiana and Illinois featuring the best new technologies and ideas to make your farm more profitable in 2014 and beyond.

Plan to attend when the Tour comes to a town near you: 

  • June 12 – Urbandale, Iowa (Living History Farms)
  • June 17 – Bloomington, Illinois (Agri Center)
  • June 19 – West Lafayette, Indiana (Beck Center)

“This tour is a great opportunity for farmers to interact with agriculture experts, innovators, and other farmers to see and use tools shaping the future of farming — not 20 years down the road, but within the next year,” says David Kurns, Successful Farming Editorial Content Director.

Chat with industry’s leading innovators, experience the tools for yourself, and discover how they can be used on your farm to make you more money. Each event includes demonstrations and hands-on exhibitions on tools you can expect to use on your farm in the near future. Topics include: 


Learn what traits to look for when purchasing a drone, and decide for what purposes you’ll be using them to get the greatest benefit for your farm.


- Matt Barnard & Brett Haas, Crop Copter

- David Gebhardt & Brian Carroll, Winfield

- Aaron Sheller, Precision Drone

Soil Testing & Drainage Technology

Dive into the latest advancements in drainage systems, and understand new versions of soil testing (and why they’re important to your farm).


- Dave White & Alex Echols, Ecological Services Exchange

- Allan Baucom, A.L. Baucom, Inc.

Wearable Computers

Gain hands-on experience with one of the coolest new innovations in electronics – Google Glass – and learn applicable ways to use it on your farm from crop scouting to equipment repair.

Speaker: Bruce Rasa,
(See more: Wearables Lend a Hand)

Planter Innovations & Tire Management

Larger machinery = more weight. Determine cost-efficient ways to reduce soil compaction by your equipment. 

Jason Webster, Beck’s Hybrids

Micro-Climate Sensors & Data Integration

Discover sensors that gather micro-climate information and allow remote monitoring of real-time field conditions that contribute to yield variability.


- Jeff Hamlin, Climate Corp

- Jason Tatge, Farmobile

- Mike Thurow,
Spectrum Technologies, Inc.
(see more: Apply N & Water Cost-Effectively with Micro-climate Sensors)

Be sure to attend the tour date near you to talk with these fantastic and knowledgeable people take your farm into the future by brainstorming with like-minded people and implementing the technologies that are most beneficial for you and your operation, not just because they’re a “fad.” 

For more details and to register go to or contact Harold Reetz at

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