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Remote Ag Fleet Management Introduced by Topcon

Tierra telematics is being added to Topcon Agriculture’s portfolio of solutions. This solution will increase productivity, reduce fuel costs and emissions, improve machine security, optimize maintenance, and manage equipment utilization.

“The solutions provide access to daily machine run-time reports, with accurate and reliable data. Fuel costs are minimized with real-time reports of idling, engine activity, motion, and labor. Machines are more secure with GeoFence boundaries, curfews monitoring, and instant notifications. Maintenance is improved with service alerts that catch issues before they cause further damage. Machines that are not being used can be easily noted and redeployed on different job sites,” says Fabio Isaia, CEO of Topcon Agriculture.

The on-board hardware device used for fleet management is the Topcon AM53.

“It is rugged enough to perform even in extreme conditions with minimal maintenance needs,” he says. “Firmware updates are automatic, and the user can get instant feedback through diagnostic LEDs.”

Isaia adds that the AM53 takes little space in the cab, is lightweight, and very easy to install. “It offers complete localization features and data logger capabilities, automatically recording timestamp, GNSS position, and relevant CAN data, and periodically transmitting data packages to the server through the GSM network,” he says.

Designed to offer a powerful, on-board processor with up to 50 hours of internal memory, the device allows up to a five-second logging of all parameters when the engine is running and every time the machine status changes.

To provide a basic localization service or the most advanced remote diagnostic solution, Topcon Tierra will be available in a variety of subscription plans to enable the features, such as real-time dashboards and configurable reports, that will best meet the customer’s needs. 

By logging on to the Topcon Tierra website or mobile app, operators can access the server to control the fleet, configure alerts, set GeoFences, run reports, and take advantage of actionable information for better informed decisions and increased efficiency and profitability. 

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