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    According to a recent report from AUVSI, unmanned aerial systems
    (UAS) have the potential to be a $3 billion market in just the first
    three years after the FAA opens commercial airspace. Over the next
    decade, this number will rise to almost $30 billion.

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    At the 2014 AUVSI conference in Orlando, Florida and Kennedy Space
    Center this week, agriculture was a hot topic among many of the vendors.
    A recent report from AUVSI noted that precision agriculture and public
    safety are top markets with precision agriculture at 80% of the market.

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    During a speech at the AUVSI, Jim Williams, Federal Aviation
    Administration (FAA) Manager of UAS Integration said the FAA is working
    closely with several industries, including precision agriculture, to
    expedite limited commercial use of UAS before the rules are finalized.

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    The Lancaster mK III features PrecisionHawk’s proprietary artificial intelligence, which detects conditions in the air and creates its own optimal flight path. The in-the-air data assessment instantly assesses data collection.

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    Rather than purchase a UAS, Agribotix offers a leasing option. Agribotix provides you with everything you need. Use the device throughout the growing season, and at the end of the growing season, and at the end of the growing season return everything to Agribotix for refurbishment and redeployment.

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    Yamaha has been operating UAS in Japan for commercial purposes since 1991. In 2011, Japanese farmers used more than 2,300 unmanned helicopters to perform 90% of their aerial crop spraying. They are in the process of bringing their RMax and Fazer to the U.S. markets.

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    Trimble’s aerial imaging UX5 solution is a complete system, which includes technologies like reversed thrust and automatic fail-safe procedures. The system comes with a camera modified to capture near-infrared spectrum. These images can help detect pests, weeds, and mineral deficiencies.

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    Elevated Horizons’ Agri6 is a total solution that pairs multispectral imaging with a high quality, easy to use platform so a farmer can capture better resolution images that will aid in monitoring crop health as well as predict yield per acre.

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    The N-Cognito from Northern Virginia OmniVersatile Solutions features a 75-inch wingspan and a cruising speed of 30 mph. The company says it is developing a product that will have the ability to be flown with an Xbox 360 controller.

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    Parrot showcased the eBee senseFly, which is geared more toward agriculture. It is equipped with a customized S110 NR camera and two advanced software packages – eMotion 2 for flight planning and control and Postflight Terra 3D photometry software.

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    The future of UAS is an exciting one. As we approach this new renaissance of UAS, "the adventure has only begun".

Check out these Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) at the AUVSI convention.

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