Sensor Technology on Your Farm

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    A tractor-pulled multi-sensor phenotyping platform for small grain
    cereals. Breed Vision's various optical sensors such as light curtain
    imaging, 3D Time-of-Flight cameras, laser distance sensors, and
    Hyperspectral imaging is all recorded.

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    A sensor developed by Cellular Machines, created a sensor that can monitor the most important aspect for greenhouse growing including: temperature, humidity, light level, pH, door position and for greenhouse growing including: temperature, humidity, light level, pH, door position and fertilizer.

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    The industry of sensor technology is an ever expanding one. In the
    future, micro-tags the size of soil particles could be deployed in
    fields measuring soil moisture, disease burden, and if the crop is ready
    to harvest.

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    With the new John Deere ExactEmerge planter, sensors measure the seed as
    it passes down and is delivered about two inches above the bottom of
    the trench all accurately planting at 10mph.

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    Using electromyographic (EMG) technology, communication pathways
    between human and machine are possible. As the technology progresses,
    one may steer their tractor by looking in the direction they wish to go
    with the same accuracy as manual steering.

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    It may be possible within the next 20 years that nano sensors in
    livestock will be a common occurrence. The nano sensors destroy
    pathogens to keep the animal healthy then flush out as they go through
    the digestive system. Are humans next?

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    This device by Trimble called the GreenSeeker is able to instantly take a reading of your crop's health to help the producer make better nutrient management decisions on their operation.

Sensor technology is an ever-evolving field. Check out some of these modern examples and ones that aren't too far off.

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