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Sentera Enhances FieldAgent Platform

Sentera has expanded its FieldAgent platform with valuable, field-edge tools including high-fidelity crop stand, weed pressure mapping, spot scouting maps, and free local image stitching. The new analytics will enable ag professionals to leverage early-season data for replant decisions, manage inputs to maximize profit, and more precisely apply chemicals.

“We are excited to get these new tools into the hands of FieldAgent customers, putting real-time crop data to use early in the growing season — when data is most valuable and in-season adjustments can still be made,” says Kris Poulson, vice president of agriculture for Sentera. “With our technology, an ag professional equipped with the most popular consumer and professional drones can autonomously fly a field and use FieldAgent’s weed and population reporting features, instantly leveraging that data at the field edge or pushing it via API to their digital platform of choice.”

Weed Pressure Mapping

FieldAgent’s weed maps use computer vision technology to accurately identify location and density of weeds. FieldAgent transforms the results into a color-coded map, giving an exact snapshot of weed pressure and location in a field.

Plant Population Mapping

The population toolkit delivers plant count per unit area in a field so users can take in-season action. Results are delivered in a color-coded map in an easy-to-use format. Reported in plants per acre (PPA), this analysis gives an accurate measurement of plants in a field. FieldAgent supports population mapping of corn, soybeans, potatoes, and other row crops.

Spot Scouting Maps

Spot scouting maps deliver analytics measurements based on regular grid sampling of a field. Spot Scouting Map will subsample the field with nominally one to two measurements per acre. This dramatically increases the number of acres a user can fly on a single battery while still collecting an order of magnitude and more samples per acre than traditional manual scouting practices.

Free Stitching

Unlimited local stitching is now included in every FieldAgent subscription. Sentera partnered with the OpenDroneMap project to bring a stitching module to FieldAgent at no extra charge. There are no limits on acreage, resolution, or usage. Simply install the module on your computer, and stitching begins automatically.

Automated Analytics

FieldAgent analytics automate some of the most manual, tedious, and expensive crop scouting tasks. 

“FieldAgent now includes algorithms that automate the production of some standard crop scouting measurements,” says Reid Plumbo, director of product management for Sentera. “Instead of using tape measures and lookup tables to estimate plants per acre, we use your computer to count every plant in your field. The result is a highly accurate measurement of stand across your entire field.”

Combining analytics with its new Spot Scouting Maps gives customers a fast, simple way to snapshot stand and weeds on 100-plus acres in 20 minutes. “Our analysis tools run on full orthomosaics that capture every square inch of a field. But, if you want something quicker, use Spot Scouting Maps,” he adds. “Spot Scouting Maps still have 10 times the sample points vs. traditional practices!”

Pricing and Availability

The new tools are available today to all FieldAgent customers using high-resolution crop imagery. 

The cost for the population and weed maps is 25¢ an acre, and users can run the analysis on all or part of a field.

Spot Scouting Maps are included with every FieldAgent subscription. The free stitching capability is accessible via an add-on stitching module.

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