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Sentera Introduces Tassel Count Analytics

Rather than forecast yield using a handful of spot samples, the latest addition to Sentera's toolbox uses tassel population data gathered across the entire field to more precisely calculate yield. Available to FieldAgent customers in March 2020, Tassel Count Analytics will also help to more accurately time the application of certain crop protection products. Now growers and ag professionals alike will be able to leverage late-season data for crop marketing decisions to maximize profit and optimize storage costs.

“We’ve validated the accuracy of our tassel-counting technology over several seasons of testing. It’s another tool to improve economic outcomes for FieldAgent customers,” says Eric Taipale, CEO of Sentera. “FieldAgent continues to build out as the go-to platform for in-season, whole field, real-time insights for advisers, retailers, cooperatives, and growers. Tassel count is also one of many advanced analytics products that we provide to our enterprise customers.”

Because the tool delivers tassel count density for an entire field, users can more easily forecast and refine their crop yields before harvest as well as make other management decisions. Visualization is available in FieldAgent, and data layers can be exported via shapefile. In addiition, users can convert their results into zone maps. This gives users an average tassel count per acre per zone and total acreage per zone. API partners will have the option of integrating these new data layers directly into other digital platforms.

The Tassel Count Analytics tool will be $1,200 for one year of unlimited use. In addition, users can run the analysis on all or part of a field.

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