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Sentera, The Climate Corporation Partnership Enhances Agronomic Insights

Customers who use Climate FieldView now have access to seamless integration of Sentera FieldAgent on-field sensor and analytics products through FieldView, as well as automatic synchronization of field boundary and other user information between platforms.  

“We are excited to partner with Climate Corporation to deliver our data products into FieldView,” says Eric Taipale, CEO of Sentera. “The sooner an adviser or a grower can see how a crop is performing, the more flexibility they have to make decisions. More accurate on-field data delivered quickly helps to preserve yield, minimize costs, and it contributes to overall profitability for the grower. The new data layers we’re pushing to FieldView do exactly that.”

Simplifying The Process

By integrating FieldAgent into FieldView, real-time data is made incredibly simple. Users can easily and autonomously scout a field with a drone and process the data using Sentera FieldAgent. When processing is complete, FieldAgent will automatically synchronize your data to FieldView, which enables you to quickly take action.

 “FieldView Platform brings value to farmers, faster, by partnering with innovators across agriculture. This partnership will help our shared customers take advantage of Sentera’s unique solutions in their day-to-day decision-making,” says Vilas Rao, vice president of strategy at The Climate Corporation.

FieldAgent imagery data based on NDVI, Red Edge, and Sentera analytics and analysis tools are compatible with FieldView. Other products, like elevation maps, population analysis, and weed mapping tools, allow users to further allocate inputs and practices to maximize their economic benefit throughout the season.

“Availability of a turnkey hardware and software product that bundles FieldView with everything needed to produce real-time data layers — a drone, sensors, and the software necessary to make it useful — is unique in North America. We are so excited to have this product available through The Climate Corporation’s dealers. A user can visit a participating Climate FieldView dealer and leave with a complete crop-scouting solution that will let them start generating data right away,” remarks Kris Poulson, vice president of agriculture at Sentera. “The partnership between Sentera and Climate Corporation will give incredible new insights for advisers and growers.”

The Sentera FieldAgent platform includes mobile, Web, cloud, and desktop components. A hybrid in-field and cloud processing model efficiently manage real-time data production for your real-world conditions. In-field analytics include weed maps, population analysis, elevation maps, zone mapping, and more.

Sentera’s integrated solutions are now available through Climate FieldView dealers. Learn more about the FieldAgent software by visiting

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