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SmartStax PRO rootworm technology moves closer to market

China has taken steps moving toward approval of this corn rootworm management technology, say Bayer officials.

Bayer’s SmartStax PRO technology for managing corn rootworm has taken another step toward eventual commercial release, say company officials.

China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Commission has published on its website the safety certificate approval of Bayer’s third-generation corn rootworm trait (MON 87411) for import and food/feed use, says Scott Stein, Bayer’s North America corn product management lead. 

“This action enables us to move forward with a commercial introduction of our SmartStax PRO Technology in the United States, offering the next generation of corn rootworm protection to American growers,” said Stein in a Bayer statement. 

SmartStax PRO Technology is the first product offering three modes of action for corn rootworm insect control, say Bayer officials. 

“Building on the proven benefits of our existing SmartStax product, SmartStax PRO includes an additional, novel RNAi-based mode of action that will offer growers improved control against corn rootworm,” said Stein. “We have great confidence that this product will provide tremendous value for growers, helping provide added protection against hard to control pests like corn rootworm.”

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