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SWIIM System Acquires OnFarm to Integrate Water Data into Dashboard

SWIIM System, the water management technology platform, has acquired farm management software OnFarm Systems. The deal is understood to be a mostly stock-based transaction.

SWIIM, which stands for Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management, helps farmers use their water more efficiently and even conserve it by giving them a clear picture of how much water their crops use. The platform enables farmers to create specific crop plans for their land based on its unique characteristics and water resources, according to data ingested by SWIIM from flow meters and other water measuring sensors on the farm.

OnFarm’s primary product is an award-winning, fully customizable dashboard that presents data collected from a range of different IoT sources and is available on any internet-connected device.

Lance Donny, CEO and founder of OnFarm, will become SWIIM’s chief operating officer, helping to integrate SWIIM’s water balance monitoring and reporting data into the OnFarm dashboard. This will create a more user-friendly product for SWIIM’s clients, according to Kevin France, CEO.

“We believe the OnFarm acquisition adds significant scale to SWIIM’s offerings by providing an easy-to-use dashboard and a clear differentiation for farmers as they deal with water regulations and efficiency requirements over the upcoming years,” he wrote in a statement.

SWIIM will also be able to add additional data sources easily and seamlessly to its water balance offerings through the dashboard, France told AgFunderNews in an email. SWIIM will be able to distribute “branded” versions of the dashboard for clients and partners, including Western Growers Association, SWIIM’s primary distribution partner, he added.

OnFarm will continue to offer its dashboard as a separate product and serve the 500 clients SWIIM will inherit across the United States, Europe, and Asia. SWIIM will absorb all of OnFarm’s staff and expand its Fresno office where its currently has SWIIM team members stationed.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Mr. Donny and his team on this transaction,” said Ed Warner, leading entrepreneur and philanthropist who also serves as SWIIM’s Chairman. “With the addition of OnFarm’s technology and highly competent team, we will be able to offer a service that better protects water throughout the western US – especially with SGMA compliance requirements looming for many of our clients.”

Editor's Note: The author of this article is Louisa Burwood-Taylor. This story originally appeared in AgFunderNews.

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