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Tech Tip: Know What Unlocks Come With Used Tech

When purchasing a used display and even some of the auto steer controllers, many will contain unlock codes to activate certain features or accuracy upgrades.

“You need to know exactly what unlocks you are getting with a used display to know if you are paying a fair price for the display,” says Jonathan Bickel, Used Precision Ag. “For example, if you buy an Ag Leader display and thought it had a multiproduct unlock code and it doesn’t, it is going to cost you an additional $750 to add that unlock.”

It’s also important to know what unlock codes you want, because it can cost a lot more to add unlocks to a used display than to buy a display that already includes the unlocks. 

“For example, say I buy a used Trimble FMX display on WAAS for $3,000,” says Bickel. “If I want to have it unlocked to access RTK and GLONASS, it will cost me an additional $5,000. If I bought that same display with those unlocks already on them, I would pay around $5,500, which makes those unlocks worth about half of their original value. This is pretty much an industry standard on unlock values.”

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