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TeleSense Wireless Grain Monitoring Company Acquires Webstech

AI platform helps avoid grain spoilage throughout the supply chain.

TeleSense, an IoT technology company providing solutions to improve grain storage, announced today its acquisition of Webstech, a Danish wireless sensor technology company with a strong European user base.

With the acquisition, TeleSense now has access to the largest remote-sensed data set in the world and can offer current customers a complete suite of proven sensor technologies built to work in grain storage environments worldwide.

“Spoilage and energy optimization in drying grain continue to be multibillion-dollar issues; TeleSense provides the data insights needed for players throughout the global grain ecosystem to improve safety and profitability,” noted TeleSense CEO Naeem Zafar.

“The acquisition of Webstech greatly accelerates our entry into the European market and provides millions of additional historical data points to further refine our machine learning technology and predictive algorithms.” 

TeleSense GrainSafe, the scalable artificial intelligence platform, continuously monitors temperature and humidity via portable and fixed wireless sensors to provide a real-time, comprehensive view of stored grain conditions. 
TeleSense will integrate Webstech technology advances, including industrial automation capabilities, solar/battery power functionality, and alternate form factors such as sensor spears, into its own offering. In addition, TeleSense can use more than 20 million temperature and humidity observations generated by hundreds of existing Webstech customers to improve its proprietary machine-learning algorithms.

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