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To reduce manual data entry, FarmLogs now offers integration with Climate FieldView

A new option that allows growers to connect their FieldView account to automatically create activities in FarmLogs is now available. By enabling this capability, growers can seamlessly transfer field work captured by Climate FieldView Drive, and other methods supported by FieldView. This connection can reduce the amount of time entering data, keep accurate records across systems, automatically calculate cost of production, and more easily determine a farm’s profit and loss down to the acre.

“We pursue platform agreements that provide value to our farmer customers and make it easier for them to connect to the tools they choose to use,” says Brandon Rinkenberger, Chief Customer Officer for Climate LLC and Digital Farming at Bayer. “We also listen to customer feedback, and this platform connection provides a new solution for FieldView users who want easier access to profit and loss insights across their fields.”

Machine data integration is available at no added cost to FarmLogs business subscribers. The integration allows data to be transferred from FieldView to FarmsLogs. Once connected, FarmLogs subscribers who have logged input purchases will see Profit & Loss populate automatically based on field work completed and inputs used in their FieldView account. This feature gives growers a detailed look into farm financials on an acre, field, crop, and farm level. 

"We’re excited to give our growers the streamlined data flow from FieldView,” says Jesse Vollmar, Vice President of Farm Strategy at Bushel. “This integration allows growers to automatically get financial insights from the field work they do and eliminates a lot of the manual data entry previously required. Through these types of integrations, we are helping drive decision making for next year's planning and beyond.”

Click here to learn more about how to set up the connection.

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