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Topcon Offers Enhanced Guidance With SI-21 Lightbar

Designed as a cost-effective, user-friendly product to complement manual guidance, Topcon Agriculture has introduced the SI-21 Lightbar.

“The SI-21 Lightbar can be installed remotely by the operator, supporting manual guidance with a better view of needed corrections,” says Nicola Finardi, Topcon Agriculture vice president of Solutions Strategy Development.

The Lightbar’s integrated display features the swath number, cross track error, speed, area covered, area remaining, and the master switch status to track performance for improved efficiency.

Feedback is provided to the operator through LEDs as well as the graphics display. LED brightness can be controlled independently and offers high-visibility even in bright, sunny conditions. 

In addition, the SI-21 offers a straight-ahead or heads-up view for the operator to steer by, while allowing for a more desired, offside location for the console.

The SI-21 Lightbar is compatible with Topcon Agriculture’s X-family of displays including the X14, X25, X30, and X35 and offers optimal operator visibility separate from the console.

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