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Topcon adds Inbound Tracker to its precision feeding lineup

With the addition of Inbound Tracker to its precision feeding solution set, Topcon Position Group is improving producers’ ability to monitor, track, and export feed deliveries.

The system has the ability to connect with almost every existing platform truck scale, and includes a 15.5-inch touchscreen display, a nine-character external display, and remote transmitters.

The remote transmitters can be attached to feed trucks to log and keep deliveries up-to-date. The touchscreen allows producers to manage and reassign truck origin and unloading destinations, as well as other commodities, fields, and deliveries. 

“Inbound Tracker allows producers to easily manage every aspect of feed delivery, right to the moment it arrives on site,” says Brian Sorbe, the vice president of Topcon Agriculture. “The solution is also fully integrated into Topcon’s legacy TMR Tracker feed management system, making Inbound Tracker the next step for dairy and livestock producers who understand the time, material, and cost savings benefits of going completely digital.”

Data collected is exported to the TMR Tracker, a feed management system that displays the feed loaded, the weight, and corresponding pen information. Operators can enter ration and mixing information and transfer via USB to the feed mixer. The TMR Tracker also grants the user access to feed data exchange with nutritionists and feed reports.

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