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Topcon Unveils Athene ECU for Spreader Applications

The Athene ECU, an ISOBUS ECU with ISO-Universal Terminal, has been added to Topcon Agriculture’s application control units.

“Similar to the Topcon Apollo for air seeder control, the Athene ECU is a full-featured hydraulic belt spreader solution that is based on industry-proven technology and decades of industry experience from RDS Technology, a recent acquisition by Topcon,” says John Newcombe, product manager, Topcon Agriculture.

Athene features variable-rate application (VRA) and section control (SC) for spreader start and stop via the TC controller; application rate control proportional to forward speed based on hydraulic belt speed; ability to change rate on-the-go; and gate height control and monitoring.

“Athene brings a new level of productivity, efficiency, and ease-of-use to spreader systems,” says Newcombe. “It features an intuitive user interface designed for operation with Topcon X consoles or existing tractor ISOBUS universal terminals.”

With the addition of load cells and an associated ECU, the Athene system can also offer optional weighing functionality. The system is designed to display live product weight in the spreader and provide dynamic on-the-go auto calibration. The weighing ECU also features dual axis angle measurement for compensation when working on sloping fields. 

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