Tractors of the Future

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    Valtra ANTS Concept Tractor

    This unique piece of equipment has intelligent wheels and electric drive
    motors. The cab is able to transfer to different bodies and attachments
    with ease. The design is not only to be functional, but also
    comfortable to the driver.

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    Claas Concept Tractor

    The Etrion 400, designed by automotive and engineering student Merlyn
    Gray, has the best of both worlds: tires and tracks! The wheels can be
    lowered to reduce compaction or raised for speed.

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    John Deere Autonomous Tractor

    John Deere is developing an autonomous tractor that can be used for
    applications such as spraying and fall tillage. The intelligence system
    follows GPS satellite instructions by a ground computer, which allows
    the operator to control the tractor remotely.

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    Case IH 1000 Quadtrac

    This sleek tractor appears to be in the distant future. Case does not
    have any details currently, but it is reported that this tractor of the
    future would have 1,000-hp and with an option of a manual or autonomous

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    New Holland NH2 Tractor

    New Holland's experimental hydrogen-powered NH2 tractor is a 106-hp
    working prototype that is able to perform all the tasks of a T6000
    tractor, but only emitting heat and water.

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    Volvo Concept Tractor

    A not too distant concept of a Volvo Excavator. The machine is hydrogen
    powered that is very environmental friendly, and has four tracks instead
    of two for better surface area contact. The cab can be removed
    completely for the machine to be operated remotely.

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    Fendt X Concept

    The tractor is based on the 700 Vario series and is powered by an AGCO
    Power 4-cylinder diesel engine. The engine is compact enough that it
    leaves plenty of room to place components required for electrical

Farm machinery never stops evolving, maybe you will see this equipment on your future farm?

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