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Trimble Consolidates Three Platforms to Create One Seamless Solution

Farmers today have a variety of point solutions to choose from to help them manage their businesses. “The challenge is those solutions, typically, focus on only one aspect of the operation,” says Darryl Matthews, Trimble senior vice president of natural resources. “Yet, a farming operation is part of a whole ecosystem, and farmers must be able to work seamlessly across that ecosystem.”

By combining three of its agriculture software products – Farm Works, Connected Farm, and Agri-Data – the Colorado-based company is working to simplify the data collection and analytics process. 

“Trimble Ag Software offers an integrated desktop, online, and mobile solution to assist farmers in viewing recommendations from their trusted advisers and making quick adjustments when necessary, viewing historical application records and tracking fleet locations with status updates,” says Ben Allen, enterprise solutions manager for Trimble’s Agriculture Division. “This type of real-time management gives farmers the power to make smarter data-driven decisions.”

Trimble Ag Software seamlessly integrates with its hardware solutions as well as third-party manufacturers using Trimble’s API. By using one technology platform, supported by Trimble’s global Vantage distribution network, farm data can now flow wirelessly across the entire farm and to trusted advisers. This provides timely crop input recommendations and eliminates the need to reenter data, which saves time and reduces potential errors.
“In the consumer smartphone market, people are looking for hardware and software that works well together and makes life easier. The same is true for farmers,” says Allen. “Agricultural technology can be very complex, and farmers are adopting solutions that ease data transfer and provide enhanced mobile functionality.”

Connecting The Entire Food Chain

The platform isn’t just for farmers. Trimble has expanded its integrated ag technology strategy to include nearly every aspect of the ag supply chain.

Crop advisers are using Trimble Ag Software to manage their farm customers’ data, which will lead to better input recommendations and solid metrics in real time that allow for quick adjustments and higher yields.

Ag retailers are turning to it to track leads, manage performance, and empower their sales agronomists to better serve farm customers.

Food processors are using Trimble Ag Software to track data at different processing stages, meet regulatory requirements, and manage the growing volume of grower data.

“Trimble understands our world, and that is very important to us,” says Craig Holcombe, senior director of procurement of J. R. Simplot Company’s North American Food Group. “Today, people are asking, ‘What is the story behind our food?’ and ‘Where is our food coming from?’ Tracking information all the way back to the farm and the agronomic practices used by the farmer is an opportunity to provide our customers with that information.”
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