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Trimble correction service improves convergence time by 75%

The latest performance improvement to Trimble’s CenterPoint RTX correction service promises a faster convergence time for farmers: up to 75% faster. Farmers who use the NAV-900 model controller will now be able to work with 2.5 centimeter accuracy in less than five minutes. 
CenterPoint RTX works with PointPro to help farmers achieve RTK-level performance to best suit their situation, without the need for a base and the flexibility to choose how they obtain their data­­ — via cellular IP or satellite L-band­­ — so they can access data from anywhere during critical field operations.
“We understand that farmers are stretched thinner than ever given evolving environmental and resource concerns,” says Jim Chambers, vice president of Trimble Agriculture. “We are designing precision agriculture solutions that help farmers save time and work more efficiently.”
The convergence time increase is made possible by the BeiDou-II constellation, a series of guidance satellites that increase the overall satellites used to position the CenterPoint RTX BY 25%. The inclusion of these additional satellites, combined with Trimble’s new ProPoint technology included on the NAV-900 GNSS guidance system and the CenterPoint RTX correction service, creates up 40% greater positioning in a multitude of environments. 
The NAV-900 guidance controller and CenterPoint RTX subscriptions are available through Trimble’s Agriculture dealer network.
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