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Trimble introduces new RTX technology

Trimble announced today its
new high-accuracy Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) correction
technology, Trimble® RTX technology. Trimble RTX (Real-Time Extended)
combines real-time data with innovative positioning and compression algorithms
to deliver better than 4 centimeter (1.5 inch) repeatable accuracy with as
little as one minute convergence in selected areas.  The new technology
utilizes real-time data from a global reference station infrastructure to
compute centimeter level positions based on satellite orbit and clock
information. Trimble RTX powers the new Trimble CenterPoint™ RTX™ correction

Trimble pioneered RTK technology in the early 1990s, which enabled
high-accuracy corrections for field applications. RTK is now recognized as the
industry leading technology for centimeter-level positioning. To further
improve accuracy, Trimble introduced VRS™ technology in 2000 and subsequently
the Trimble VRS Now™ service. And now, Trimble continues to lead in technology
innovation with the introduction of Trimble RTX technology. 

Trimble RTX Technology
The patent-pending Trimble RTX technology provides high-accuracy GNSS
positioning without the use of traditional reference station-based differential
RTK infrastructure. While standard autonomous GNSS position solutions
provide accuracies in the 1 meter range, Trimble RTX can achieve better than
4 centimeter (1.5 inch) accuracies in real time. 

In addition to accuracy, in select areas, Trimble RTX can deliver a convergence
time of less than one minute, enabling work to start immediately.  And
Trimble RTX can bridge interruptions in the GNSS signals for up to 2 minutes,
avoiding reconvergence delays, while maintaining the same superior accuracy

The new Trimble CenterPoint RTX correction service pairs the RTX positioning
innovations with convenient, easy to access satellite delivery, eliminating the
need for cellular coverage and data plans traditionally required to obtain
high performance positions. The GNSS-enabled service will be available
initially in central North America for select Trimble receivers. 

“With the release of Trimble RTX technology and CenterPoint RTX service, we
continue to demonstrate our leadership in technology innovation,” said Patricia
Boothe, general manager of Trimble’s Positioning Services Division.  “In
addition, this represents the first collaboration between Trimble’s positioning
technology team and the satellite delivery capabilities behind the recently
acquired OmniSTAR services. Trimble is committed to offering a suite of
correction technologies and services that can satisfy any accuracy, delivery and
financial requirement, across a variety of applications and markets including
agriculture, survey, mapping and GIS, and construction.”

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