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Trimble Unveils Advisor Prime

Whether it’s trying to come up with a solid crop plan, turning soil samples into actionable data, applying detailed formulas, or making constant adjustments, independent agronomists and crop advisers are under increasing pressure to help farmers. With Advisor Prime, these experts now have a web-based solution that allows them to help farmers better manage the complex system of growing a crop.

The Management Zone and Variable Rate Prescription tools cut your time in front of the computer in half when creating and sharing zones and prescriptions. In addition, you will be able to reduce data entry errors created by repetitive field-by-field processes. Since this software allows you to seamlessly share prescriptions with your customers, it eliminates the need for USB drives and other manual processes. 

When you invest in the Advisor Prime toolbox, you will have access to features such as:

  • The ability to share client, farm, and field boundaries with partnered farmer accounts 
  • Business and customer level preferences 
  • Auto-apply prescription formulas based on rule sets 
  • Boundary import, editing, and crop zone creation 
  • Material creation 
  • Yeld data importing/cleaning 
  • Crop Production Index — (imagery-based) processing for management zones 

The cost for the basic bundle starts at $3,900 per year. To learn more about Advisor Prime visit

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